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Tanner Hill Cosmopolitan Style
No. of Units 588 units
Range of Unit Sizes Saleable area: around 340 to 830 square feet (few units of 1,100 square feet are available)
Unit Type Studio, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom and Three Bedroom Units
Expected Move-in Date Mid 2015
Location Tanner Road, North Point, Hong Kong MAP
  • Wellness and Health Management
  • Personalised Healthcare Schemes
  • Homecare Services
  • Social Convening and Concierge Services
  • Housekeeping and Handyman Services
  • Property Management Services
Lifestyle Facilities
  • Residents Club (library, multi-function rooms, banquet room)
  • Members Hub (restaurant, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, mini-theatre, wellness centre, recreational activities rooms, children play area)
  • Retail shops
Skilled Care Facilities
  • Residential Care Home for the Elderly
  • Day Care Centre
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • Few steps away from North Point MTR Station and public transport links
  • 13-minute ride from North Point MTR Station to Central MTR Station
  • Within walking distance, there are shopping malls, large supermarkets, shops, a public library, restaurants and municipal parks

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Nothing in this website contains any professional advice, offer for sale or binding commitment upon Hong Kong Housing Society in relation to the availability of property or the description of property.

Floor Plans


Unit 1
740 square feet

Unit 2
595 square feet

Unit 3
535 square feet

Unit 4
505 square feet

Unit 5
345 square feet


Unit 1: 740 square feet (Saleable Area)

2 bedrooms (including 1 master bedroom with bathroom), 1 study room, 1 bathroom and kitchen

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Unit 2: 595 square feet (Saleable Area)

2 bedrooms (including 1 master bedroom with bathroom), 1 W.C. and open kitchen

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Unit 3: 535 square feet (Saleable Area)

1 bedroom, 1 storeroom, 1 bathroom and kitchen

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Unit 4: 505 square feet (Saleable Area)

1 bedroom, 1 storeroom, 1 bathroom and open kitchen

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Unit 5: 345 square feet (Saleable Area)

Studio unit, 1 bathroom and open kitchen

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Reference Images


The basic entry requirement is that the residents must be aged 60 or above. Applicants are not required to go through a means test or subject to any asset limits.

Eligibility criteria for subscription of residents units are being finalized and will be released once available.

Lease Terms & Rates

Residential Units

The residential units will be leased by either a long lease - the longest tenure may last for the life-time of the tenant - or a short-term tenancy, both subject to an advanced lump-sum payment - an “Entry Contribution” to be determined with reference to the prevailing market rent at the time of subscription, the age of tenant, size and location of the unit, etc.

Upon payment of the “Entry Contribution”, no rental would be demanded from tenants during the lease tenure. However, outgoings such as rates, management fees, utility charges, and the like shall be borne by tenants. Short-term tenancy is subject to rent review upon lease renewal.

If a tenant terminates the long lease, certain portion of the “Entry Contribution” would be refunded based on the pre-defined model at the time of subscription. The refund mechanism is however not applicable to short-term tenancies.

Detailed terms of leasing are still being formulated and will be announced as soon as the terms and conditions are finalized.

Skilled Care Facilities

To ensure continuing and long-term care to seniors, a range of skilled care facilities such as a rehabilitation centre, day-care centre and a residential care home for elderly will be provided on-site under the user-pays principle.

Facilities Charge and Service Fees

The Joyous Living projects will provide a comprehensive spectrum of wellness and health care services, handyman services, lifestyle and housekeeping services on a user-pays system. Additional charges over “Entry Contribution” would be levied for facilities and supporting services consumed by residents.

We are still in the process of finalizing the details and will release the same once available.


Tentatively, the Tanner Hill Project will be available for application in early 2015. For further information, please stay tuned to our upcoming news and announcement.